Probate and estate administration are the processes through which estate assets are transferred after death. When you are trying to handle the loss of a loved one, the probate process can be a very difficult, burdensome and unmanageable ordeal.

Our offices have been handling probate matters for Maryland residents since 1952. We offer legal representation and guidance to family members or friends who have been named as the personal representative of an estate. With over thirty years of experience we can help you understand the legal procedures and the technical issues so that you can get through probate court quickly and with no trouble.

The probate process can be very frustrating and confusing. Our probate attorneys are sensitive to the family issues and problems that are encountered during the probate process. Our purpose is to help personal representatives file all the appropriate legal documents so that they discharge their duties and distribute assets as required by law.   Probate does not have to be confusing or difficult.  Let the Lawyers at The Bald Law Firm, LLC help you.

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